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Adonara Island

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Adonara island visible from the space shuttle, 1983. The eruption of the volcano looks Boleng.

Location of the Lesser Sunda Islands

Archipelago Solor Islands

The highest peak 1659 m (5443 ft)
East Nusa Tenggara Province

Adonara is an island located in the Nusa Tenggara islands, namely in the eastern island of Flores. Its area is 509 km ², and its highest point 1676 m. The island is bounded by the Flores Sea to the north, Solor Strait in the south (separating the island of Solor), as well as Lowotobi Strait in the west (separating the island of Flores.

Administratively, the island Adonara including the district of East Flores, East Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia. Adonara is one of two main islands in the archipelago in East Flores regency.

Adonara population uphold the purity of heart and determination. for their sincerity is the core of their culture ... they may believe that something is done with sincerity, purity, and determination will get a blessing and protection of ancestral
In general, people on the island Adonara farming. due to geographical conditions of agriculture .. here is the dry land farming. The main result of this farm that is .. corn, rice (which is planted in the garden) yams or cassava, as well as plantation crops like coconut, tobacco, vanilla, chocolate and cloves, nutmeg, coffee, bananas, cashew nuts, sour. The main result of kaut the fish variety, pohin mangroves, and coral reefs.

Adonara Island is part of the East Flores regency with the district capital of Larantuka.East Flores regency itself consists of three parts, namely Mainland Flores (eastern tip of Flores island),  Adonara island and Solor Island. Adonara Island consists of seven districts, namely
  1. Ø  District of East Adonara
  2. Ø  District Central Adonara
  3. Ø  District of West Adonara
  4. Ø  District Klubagolit
  5. Ø  District Witihama
  6. Ø  District Watan Ulumado
  7. Ø  District Ile Boleng

In addition to the system of government, in Adonara also present system of government based on ethnicity. In a tribe there is a chief. In addition to chiefs, there is also a group of people who contributed to the traditional governance system that is the nobility, or in a language called Ata Kebelen Lamaholot.
Chiefs play a role in traditional ceremonies, traditional sanctions, and other things that are more spiritual. While the Ata Kebelen usually hold the reins of government power (such as village heads, village heads, village heads or sub-district). Between the two established a good relationship with each other and do not overstep their authority.

Royal Adonara

Adonara formerly a kingdom

Adonara kingdom is the kingdom which lies in the mountainous volcanic island named Adonara island in the Lesser Sunda Islands. The kingdom was established around 1650.
Adonara documented local history from the sixteenth century, when Portuguese traders and missionaries set up a post near the island of Solor. At that time Adonara Island and surrounding islands are divided among coastal residents, known as Paji, and residents of mountains called Demon. The Paji easy to accept Islam, while the Demon tend to be under the influence of Portuguese. Adonara region's Paji includes three kingdoms, namely Adonara (centered on the northern coast of the island), Eggplant and Lamahala (south coast). Together with the two kingdoms on the island of Solor, Lohayong and Lamakera, they formed an alliance called Watan Lema ("five beaches"). Lema Watan cooperate with the VOC in 1613 and confirmed in 1646. Adonara kingdom itself is often hostility with the Portuguese in Larantuka, Flores, and not always obedient to the Dutch.
In the nineteenth century, rulers in northern Adonara strengthen its position in the Solor Archipelago; that time, he also became ruler of the eastern part of Flores and Lembata.Demon region stood at the mercy of kingdom Larantuka, which was under Portuguese rule until 1859, when they were handed over to the Netherlands. Larantuka and Adonara kingdom abolished by the Indonesian government in 1962.
According to local history, the descendants of kings Adonara These include:
  1. Ø  Foramma, about 165
  2. Ø  Balawamma, 1675
  3. Ø  Buli I, 1681-1682 (or 1691)
  4. Ø  Eko ... -1688, + (Murdered by the people of the mountains) in 1688. Brother of:
  5. Ø  Gogok 1702
  6. Ø  Wuring before 1710-1719. (Son of I and the father of Buli Buli II)
  7. Ø  Buli II in 1719-after 1756
  8. Ø  Jo Lakabella 1832
  9. Ø  ....- Begu was killed on July 28, 1850. Father of:
  10. Ø  Pela (ng) 1850-1857. Brother of:
  11. Ø  (Lakabella?) Jo 1857-1868. Brother of:
  12. Ø  Kamba Begu 1868-1893. Father of:
  13. Ø  Father Lord, the King while in 1893 for 6 months. Brother of:
  14. Ø  Arkiang Kamba (Arakang) 1893 (or 1894?) - December 18, 1930, ° c1866
  15. Ø  Gela (taking over his father's Father Tuan)
  16. Ø  Father Ama (regent with the title of Kapitan 1930-1 December 1935, was detained for life before 24 April 1936 and sent to Kupang. Son of a sister Kamba Begu)
  17. Ø  King Nuhung Father, 1915, after 1950. Son of Gela
  18. Ø  Father Nuhur, Regent during the reign of King Nuhung 1936/41-1940-an Father
  19. Ø  King Father Gela, 1905, +.....
  20. Ø  Father Rich, Regent 1940 - January 12, 1954 during the reign of King Father Gela
  21. Ø  Mohamad Eke (do not take the title of King 1954-19 ...., was appointed as an assistant during the reign Father Rich as well as the Kapitan Adonara, ° 1929, 1985. Great-grandson of King Jo)

Islamic empire

Another study conducted UNDANA professors, Drs. Munandjar Widyatmika mention, in 1680 Lohayong in Solor is an Islamic empire that has supremacy against other Islamic kingdoms. At that time, Lohayong in Solor was ruled by a queen named, Nyai Chile Younger, who in 1663 sent a letter to the Governor-General of the VOC in Batavia, pleaded somewhat shipped large-sized ivory is used as a pillow when he died later.

He also mentions, a region in eastern Kedang, Lembata island is part of the kingdom of Ternate, in the southern island of Lembata semetara also contained an Islamic empire that is the last king Lebala Manyeli Ibrahim Baha.

While VOC Solor has occupied since 1646, but the new Sultan of Ternate officially handed over to the Solor in 1683 . At the same time, in Kelikur Kedang, Lembata there Honi euro clan from Ceram, while the king Adonara.. Adonara Island are still descendants of Ternate.

In fact, Gomang and Widyatmika call, not known for sure, who the founder of Islam in the kingdom Lohayong Solor, who clearly during the Majapahit Kingdom territory extending within the framework of the unity of the archipelago since 1357 by conquering Dompo in West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) under Admiral Nala.
Then Lohayong Solor strategic position as one of the center of Majapahit troops. Because of its strategic location, Lohayong under the influence of Muslim traders from Java and Sulawesi, alleged at the time the religion of Islam has grown at Solor Lohayong. Gomang and Widyatmika called three pillars of the Islamic forces after the collapse of the Majapahit, which Gresik, Gowa and Ternate.

Gresik was mentioned already have an influence on Solor, before the Portuguese military fort built in 1566. Solor used as a transit harbor for the sandalwood trade before being sold to China and India.

Similarly, the Kingdom of Gowa in South Sulawesi, has been the Islamic empire in 1605, where the king and prime minister in 1626 on an expedition to the east, including to Solor and Timor.

From a series of Islamic influence from Java, Sulawesi and Maluku Ternate, until now few in the five coastal villages in Solor, Adonara and Lembata or better known as "Solor Lema Watan" is known as the Muslim village today. The five villages are, Lohayong and Lamakera in Solor, Lamahala and Eggplant in Adonara and Lebala in Lembata.

From places that, Islam spread to various places, particularly in rural Solor, Adonara and Lembata, but generally in the Solor Islands, Muslims generally occupy the coastal areas from the island of Solor, Adonara, Lembata, Pantar, Alor and small islands in surroundings and make the region one of the Muslim areas in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT).Adonara Island
Located in the Lesser Sunda Islands in Indonesia Solor Archipelago, Island Adonara covering 497 square kilometers and is the island's highest 1659 meter area. Located in the Lesser Sunda Islands in Indonesia Solor Archipelago, the island covers 497 square kilometers Adonara cheap island is at 1.659 meters Highest Region.
Settled by the Portuguese several centuries ago , Adonara island still retains much of its Portuguese influence, moderated by a hint of dutch culture and Islam. Resolved by some Portuguese Ages ago in Palau Adonara still retain its a lot of Portuguese influence, moderated by instructions from the Dutch Culture and Islam. This can be clearly seen in the island's beautiful building, temples and churches as well as the culinary creations of people who live there. It can be seen clearly in, Building beautiful island of it, the temple of the church As well as cheap culinary creations people living in there.
Like many of these areas, the waters around the island  Adonara popular with scuba divers and snorkelers. Like a lot of this area, the waters around the island Adonara the Popular with cheap scuba divers snorkelers. Beach bunnies will find a good number of stretches of sand to soak up the sun in, while those who enjoy adventure sports trips through the forest to find a waterfall and cave. The beach bunnies will good finding amount of sand stretches for absorb the sun, while they enjoy the adventure sports can travel through the Forest Waterfall for Finding cheap cave.

Practice Life on the Island Adonara,Culture
Practice Life on the Island Adonara
Giving dowry in the form of elephant ivory on the island is still practiced today Adonara strictly. There is no marriage without tusks. Ivory rod that not only have a customs value, but also of kinship, women's self-esteem, and high economic value.
One community leader Adonara, Oka Corebima, in Waiwerang, last week, says that although the development of science and information technology continues to seep down to the outposts of the village on the island Adonara, dowry in the form of elephant ivory is never missing from their lives. Adonara whole lives in a traditional atmosphere of a strong, binding.
Mores in society Adonara (Solor) in particular and East Flores (Lembata) is sometimes referred Lamaholot culture. Culture Lamaholot thus inherent in the life of local communities. Every citizen Lamaholot should also be able to master the local language and follow the etiquette Lamaholot area.
"Ivory elephants are not only binding marital relationship between husband and wife, or between female family and male relatives, but the whole collection of people in a region.Marriage is a sacred value that extends, pure, and dignified a more socialist, "said Corebima.
Elephant ivory is a symbol of the highest awards in the person of a girl who wanted to marry. Appreciation for the trust, honesty, sincerity, and friendliness that has the girl.Willingness give dowry to the family of elephant ivory women sign build a harmonious atmosphere for the social life of the local culture.
Although in East Flores Adonara or do not have elephants, men are never afraid of giving dowry meet ivory.
Until the 1970's, Adonara girl should not leave home without protection, escort, and supervision of the family. They can not even leave the house at night.
Chairman of the Indigenous Villages Demondei, West Adonara, caring Frans said there was no marriage without tusks. Weddings girl from Adonara always marked by talks dowry elephant ivory.
Five types
In communities Adonara approximately five known types of ivory. However, if the man marries a woman of blood relatives, then he will be fined, which gives two additional types of ivory bringing the total to seven types of ivory. The five types of ivory that is, first, reinforcements belee (big and long ivory) with a length of one fathom an adult. Second, reinforcements kelikene (half fathoms to the wrist), kewayane (half fathoms up to the elbow), ina umene (half front to limit shoulder), and Opu lake (half fathoms, just split the middle chest).
Two additional types of ivory commonly used as a fine size is determined in accordance with the agreement.
Unit used to determine a large or small ivory is fathoms, one fathom an adult (arm span from the tip of his left middle finger to the tip of the middle finger of right hand).
A spokesman for the family usually have the skills to understand the language of custom, ordinance administration, custom expressions, and how to open and end every conversation. Each spokesperson should remind the family of a woman or a man not to forget any agreed outcome.
A spokesman for the man with the prospective groom's parents then went to her family.The arrival of the first intention was to convey him to marry her hero. Usually couples who fell in the heart of this still has a kinship relationship, often called Unclo child or aunt.
The closeness of this relationship is sanctioned and desirable custom, but often in conflict with religious law. If there are cases like that, it was also discussed during the coda used, official discussions regarding the customary marriage between the families of prospective grooms and brides big family.
Therefore, both parties also need to determine the time of the meeting with bride and groom each, ask for the truth and seriousness of both the bride and groom to build a new home. If there is an open confession in the presence of both the parents, the meeting will proceed to the level of a large family, and finally entered the stage of indigenous actual conversation, pake coda. In the coda pake agreed amount of ivory which was used as a dowry, a large and long tusks and ivory when it began to be submitted.
Delivery of ivory took place on stage napa pie. In this event the men handed the dowry in the form of ivory with a few pigs, goats, roosters, and drink wine. On the other hand, the women prepare earrings, bracelets of ivory, rings, gold chains, as well as quality sarong.In addition, kitchen equipment, ranging from cooking to plate and spoon to eat.
Although not set in the process of napa pie, a gift from the woman to the man's family is a customary obligation. Supplies of the woman must be completely prepared and values ​​should be able to compete with the ivory.
Her family will feel ashamed of itself if it does not prepare the equipment, or the value of the goods were not balanced by the value of ivory, pigs, goats, and chickens are prepared family man. The balance of this provision so that both parties can celebrate the traditional feast in each group.
Women will be the target of anger and emotion man's family if the woman's family did not prepare a "reward" at all. This is where usually the beginning of violence against women can occur, even not infrequently ended in divorce.
Lately rero known one term Gere Lodo teenager, or teenager Gere Lodo rero. That is, the elephant tusks taken only the day or night to the house of the woman's family, and at night or during the day to take home to their owners. The presence of ivory was only a symbol, to meet the demands of custom. The woman should not have the ivory.
Events like this often happens when the man who married a girl from outside Lamaholot are Lamaholot cultural environment, such as Java, Sulawesi, Sumatra, and Bali.
Ivory in Lamaholot called "reinforcements". Currently the number of ivory Adonara circulating on the island, according to Corebima, about 30 rods. Ivory increasingly rare because many collectors of ivory from outside Flores bought from Adonara.
Elias Kelake Game (58), owner of 10 sticks of ivory in RT 18 RW 2 Waiwerang, Adonara East, said, almost every day someone came to his house to buy ivory. The price of a rod of ivory on the market of Rp 5 million to Rp 50 million, depending on the large (long) it.
Elias said, in Lewopao, Adonara East, there is one bar of ivory with five branches. Ivory was considered sacred. Every year should be created for traditional ceremonies, which bathe and feed the drink to the ivory.
Ivory as it is a symbol of the presence of the ancestors, the source of life, wealth, and perfection of life, because it must be respected. At night, the tusk is even believed to be glowing, talking, and sprouting.
Why ivory became the main Adonara dowry, his version varies.
Ernst Vatter book Kiwang Ata (1563) points out, before using ivory, wedding on the island of Solor and Alor is similar to buying a girl. The groom should buy a bride with a number of Dutch money and slaves. 

Mount Boleng , Adonara District. East Flores .
Read phonetically

This is an image of the volcanoes on Adonara Island in Indonesia

Volcanoes in Adonara
Mounth boleng is an island stratovolkano Adonara, the cluster of islands Nusa Tenggara
Mounth boleng have a huge eruption that began in April 1973 and continue until the month of Aril next year. During this eruption tephra out of the crater center. Tephra destroying vegetation along the valley. Illiboleng erupted at least 20 times since 1885 with the last eruption in 1993.
There are a number of small villages on the island, and a great way to explore is to hire a bike and use force to peddle the journey along the winding narrow road alongside the lush paddy fields and orchards. There are a number of small villages on the island of it, the good cheap way is to rent bicycles to explore FOR THE FOR peddling cheap to use Strength During the trip on a narrow winding road in lush paddy Side A cheap gardens.
Accommodations in Palau Adonara tend to be rather basic, so they like to surround Self luxuries for the about More for looking at other places. However, this is a good place for those who want to escape the scenes tour and discover the natural beauty and culture of Indonesia. However, this is the Good Places Who Want Self for scene they run cheap travel cheap Discovering the natural

Beauty of Indonesian Culture.

Children fishing on the beach Adonara
Boleng mountain visible from waiwerang

Coast Adonara

Adonara  sea

Watotena Coast District  Boleng mounth in Adonara In East Flores Regency, is one of the most beautiful beaches are abandoned by the government because corruption is rampant in our rogion. although we were fairly poor area but our area is fairly rich in scenery that is not less beautiful beaches on the island of Bali. This is one of the attractions of our area, although in the eyes of people who do not know Adonara. Adonara is often said that the island is inhabited by people who are super fierce because the island is also frequent wars in the trigger by the struggle for indigenous land rights relics of the Patriarchs.
Despite such Adonara our community is a collection of people who are very good if we were not disturbed, but we will be more wretched if our rights are not appropriated by the person responsible. and if that happens then whatever it is dfia haerus die berkalang Land, because whatever happens we are sticking to the slogan of our Ancestors "ATA RA'E DORE RA'E" which means "PEOPLE WILL STILL BE OWNED PROPERTY PEOPLE" and vice versa .. .........

Adonara East Flores regency, East Nusa Tenggara, just at the junction current between Adonara island, Solor, and Lembata. With white sand that is very charming, accompanied by a rock solid, and the waves are big, really beautiful.Really make this beach a very beautiful place, untouched by the corruptions of human hands, but the place is quite remote, makes this attraction has not so famous. Watotena beach  boleng lies below the towering mountains around 1.700m above sea level. The weather is pretty extreme in NTT also very influential on the height and size of waves at the beach.
White sand and crystal clear sea water, is really
beauty that may be difficult to obtain in other areas,
With crystal clear sea water-clear glass, and gently sloping beaches around the coast.
Typically, the beach is crowded on Saturday and Sunday, and recreation for young people congregate, as well as family.

Evening view from the village Lamakera
Lamakera village located on the island of Solor, East Nusa Tenggara. Known also as the village of whalers, because its people live by hunting whales and mantas. The village is reached by regular boat from Larantuka (port city on the island of Flores), with a twice daily route. In the morning depart from Lamakera and stop at the other villages on the northern island of Solor, and about one o'clock in the afternoon, sail back to Lamakera.
Most villagers live from hunting Lamakera fisheries livelihoods depend on(pari giant) and whales. They use a special boat called pledang, just as fishermen on the island of Lembata,Lamalera. However pledang Lamakera society more modern, they open themselves to modernization, including the use of iron pegs and outboard motors on their boats
Sea between the City (Mainland East Flores ) and Tanah Merah (Adonara Island). This is the Strait (narrow) Larantuka. It is said that the current (sea) in the strait is among the fastest in the world, the same as in the Sape Strait (Strait around Komodo Island - West Flores). 
Adonara beach has fisheries potential very abundant in land and in sea waters.
Most islands in Indonesia has a wealth of natural resources and environmental services are very large and the potential for economic development. However, this potential has yet to be utilized optimally for the welfare of the people. Empowerment Program fishing village is multi-potential development program both the potential economic and other potentials.
a. Increasing knowledge of fishermen and communities in maximizing the potential of themselves and their environment.
b. Improving capacity and skills development potential of marine fishing activities based on the potential of marine territory.

Adonara typical food: Corn titi

Corn Titi Lamaholot Not Just Emping
Chips developed by women's interest in East Nusa Tenggara Lamaholot not just chips.Chips made from ground corn, in addition to delicious, also a bond of brotherhood.
Lamaholot tribal communities in East Flores mainland, the island Adonara, Solor Island, Lembata district, and Alor already know hundreds of years of corn titi. They called Wata ketane. Titi-shaped corn chips are always served at every meeting or a meal together.
The process of making corn titi is usually done in the kitchen by women. Corn climbing activities usually done early morning. Originally, fried corn seeds in the skillet without oil (the roaster). When half done, in hot conditions, seeds of corn taken by hand, then dititi.In the same hot conditions, seeds of maize dititi can produce chips with a diameter up to 8 centimeters. However, not all women can do this.
The boy also used to store the corn chips in a pants pocket. When hungry, they eat while playing.
Childhood experiences are never forgotten residents are Lamaholot anywhere. Longing to consume corn titi always comes up whenever they remember the village of origin.Corn titi had always been a gift that means a lot among the tribes Lamaholot. Eating corn, given the home and family.
Modern chips could not have replaced the traditional corn chips.
According to the professor, State University of Nusa Cendana, Kupang, Felysianus Sanga, corn titi Lamaholot of cultural, historical, and high customs.

"Corn titi has a very strong tradition. Everyone Lamaholot will not leave it because it has its own value in the tradition of their lives, "he said.
Agnes Uto (54), citizen Demondei, East Flores, said that a woman Lamaholot since their teens and even obliged by his mother to learn to pursue corn. Skills are even used as one measure of home life.
Women are considered customary good, virtuous, and supporting her husband viewed from corn climbing skills, traditional weaving, and spinning of cotton yarn by hand, other than friendliness and courtesy.
No wonder if it is in traditional tribal villages Lamaholot every morning sound of a stone bridge with the hearing distance of up to 100 meters. Titian pounding sound, shouted to each other between neighbors. They pursue a rollicking maize to prepare breakfast for all family members.
At the traditional parties, Christmas, New Year, or Lebaran, the locals usually build brotherhood with the event or handshake peheng Limak village. At this event titi corn also become a major treat. Lamaholot chips actually not just chips. (Kornelis overwhelmed Ama)
Adonara traditional clothing 
These gloves are called KEWATEK, kewatek is made of wool yarn in woven neatly woven to form a neat, as well as scarves from this tradisionsl clothing.
Srung sngat has an expensive price, even though so we can find these in every home kewatek because it can serve as a blanket at night, especially in the winter because it warms the body from the sting of the cold night.
Woven fabric can be designed according to the creativity of each girl Adonara orang.Seorang middle of the village Hayyul Madani (Lawo) Wewit, he has a suit that he uses the same sewing ini.sangat beautiful woven fabric.

This is the first step to make the weaving.


 Dance Hedung Adonara

People Adonara okay to have a long machete, sharp spears, and shields that hard, but they will not be able to use it if they did not feel right. In creating their weapons to prove the truth, they only duel to determine who is right and who is wrong, not a mere show of force.

Children Adonara today, have disguised Spear, Parang, and the shield becomes Books, Pencil, and Idealism. Ancestors and Ancestor will protect their determination."Lango tribe, Lewotana Molo, Kame dore" (House of Peoples and the Land-Water Over the past guide, We Follow) Folk of Adonara and Solor (Dance-Lego Lego)
This reflects the folk dances of togetherness and gratitude to God. Derived from the Muslim community Adonara Island, but is used also on the island of Solor, NTT.
Every citizen of men and women join hands to make several layers of circles. then move back and forth according to certain counts, and follow the song sung.

Singer of Adonara
Simon L. Muda

Simon L. Young was born in a small village named Kolilanan on the island province of East Flores district Adonara in East Nusa Tenggara.
Petrus Kia Suban 

Peter kia 'Suban: Former star Indosiar Fantasy Academy (AFI) 2003 came Adonara Island, Middle Village district Adonara Lite Kenotang East Flores, Peter Kia Kia Suban or familiar with AFI

The species is found only on the island Adonara
The species exists only on the island of Adonara, leaves of this species is similar to water hyacinth. However, the stems are tough characters and habitats coastal area of his life so hard and woody plants hitang scaly skin is also fitting to be going to bonsai.
Banyan root is a type of plant, so called because the roots of a banyan plant is enlarged to form tubers such as cassava and root crops
Bonsai going Flores acid or by bonsai enthusiasts in Java and Bali called tamarind. Flores is an area which is also rich with acid

My beautiful Adonara can not deny me again, you I missed a miss-miss .........................................., Adonara do return to your Pana Nani KAN KAN LOU BEHIND GELEKAT LEWO goen LEWO TADON Adonara (Head with tears to find something useful and go home to help my hometown Adonara). let b erkunjung Island Adonara, beautifully lush island ...........

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